Eligibility Post 2018

I have only one story for your consideration this year: ‘I Am Not I’.

‘I waited in the aisle until the kitchenette door closed with a soft click, then dove for the jars. What would an extensioneer have need for? I had no idea. I grabbed slender jars full of green-tinged fingers, a handful of nipples. Rolls of skin, as sheer as photogram film—I unravelled five inches and held it up to the gaslight to reveal a constellation of pores, follicles, moles, and scars. Teeth could be useful; eyes, too. I scraped a handful of coins from the till for the tram fare and raced down the Row, my pockets bulging.’

‘I Am Not I’ is a grotesque fantasy/science-fiction novelette at 10,022 words long, and was published in the July/August 2017 issue of F&SF. It is eligible for the Nebula and Hugo novelette categories, the Short Fiction category for the British Fantasy and/or British Science Fiction Awards, and the Long Fiction category for World Fantasy.

This is my final year for the Campbell award and I would appreciate your consideration for that as well.

I believe the full text has been made available on the SFWA forums; however, if you do not have access to this and would like to add ‘I Am Not I’ to your awards reading list, please get in touch!