Das Steingeschöpf

I’d not long been made journeyman when the Schöpfers’ Guild gave me my first commission in 1928. Frau Leitner from Bavaria had written to request a small restoration—I took the southbound train from Berlin, made two changes, and disembarked at the end of the line in a small town tucked between the pleats of the mountains.

First published in Strange Horizons — December 2016

World Fantasy Award 2017 winner



Event Horizon: The John W. Campbell 2017 Anthology — March 2017

Wilde Stories 2017 — July 2017


Praise for Das Steingeschöpf:


– RocketStackRank

“G. V. Anderson has skillfully combined an unusual type of magic, reminiscent of the Jewish golems […] with the brooding atmosphere of Germany between the world wars. “Das Steingeschöpf” is a lovely, poignant tale of love and loss.”

– Tadiana Jones, Fantasy Literature

“an emotionally resonating story […] full of small moments of quiet strength and power.”

– Charles Payseur, Quick Sip Reviews